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A story from Cambodia

A story from Cambodia

Actually, there is always a story, but this one is very special for me. A story which never ends and that you can’t describe with words.
I love this team, every single person, with their beautiful heart. Sometimes there is a change of plans, but never change your beautiful dreams and goals in life.
When I was young it was always my dream to go far away from home with good hearted people and help kids who needed us. The point is not only touching their teeth, it’s about touching each single heart.
If you want you can do anything in this world to make it morebeautiful. A friend’s grandfather told him: when you have one hand you cando just one thing, but when you bring more people to work, you have many more hands to do bigger and better work. Let’s make the world become a better place for all of us.

Ayse Nur Koc,
Bikes & Smiles, Cambodia 2017


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