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This title is awarded to selected dental offices around the world who actively demonstrate a high level of care not only to their patients, but also to underprivileged people who don’t have access to dentistry, as well as to the environment.

To qualify as a Humble Smile Clinic, the dental office must be promoting the following 3 P’s:

Prevention – the dental team is driven by a preventive philosophy that recognizes that no restorative treatment is as good as the pre-diseased condition, and prescribes preventive interventions as the highest level of patient care.

People – staff members are involved in oral health outreach projects for the benefit of people living in places where there is no dentistry available.

Planet – the dental office recommends biodegradeable toothbrushes as an alternative to the regular hard plastic manual ones.


We are a dedicated Darlington based dentist team in a relaxed, friendly environment with modern, up to date surgeries providing treatment for all the family.
We all believe that prevention and maintaining the foundations of the teeth is at the heart of successful dentistry. Our team of dentists work closely with our hygienist and use the highest quality materials to provide personalised dental care.


Welcome to MAX 36 – your dental practice in the heart of Munich with the highest standards for the perfect smile. Our areas of expertise include the highest quality dental aesthetics (veneersdenturesimplantsbleaching) as well as orthodontics and periodontal treatments.
The techniques and possibilities in modern dentistry are growing every day. However, not all that is new is necessarily good. Our team is in constant contact with the best of the best in esthetic dentistry and stays abreast of the new treatment methods, materials and innovative techniques for you. Our goal: To always offer you the best for your individual treatment.

Drs. Alexander Orthodontics

Since 1964, we have understood the importance of having a great smile. At Drs. Alexander Orthodontics, generations of families have experienced all the wonderful benefits that orthodontic care has to offer.
Our doctors specialize in orthodontics for children, teens, and adults, making them uniquely able to care for patients of all ages.
Also, Dr Moody Alexander has incorporated his love for serving and giving back into the lifeblood of the practice, specifically through supporting EthiopiaSmile, a ministry that serves the dental needs of people without access to care in Ethiopia.

Well Clinic
Sao Paulo, Brazil

At Well, healing follows an interdisciplinary approach, the result of scientific grounds, whilst caring is permitted by sensitivity that comes from the soul and passes through the heart, the most eloquent trans disciplinary manifestation. If the cure is the pursuit of physicians, caring is the responsibility of all. Being part of this journey is the highest aspiration of Well Clinics Vision. A reference as a trans disciplinary orofacial clinical center, combining strategy, values, innovation, tradition, individual talent, teamwork, knowledge and art.

DFY Dental
Sydney, Australia

Up until now, many patients have associated dental care with cold, clinical environments and painful treatments, but those negative connotations are now a thing of the past. DFY Dental has revolutionised the way patients feel about their dentists and their regular dental visits. Since their establishment in 1998, DFY Dental has been providing Sydney residents with a more effective – and more pleasant — alternative to traditional dental care. For nearly two decades, DFY Dental has remained at the forefront of general and cosmetic dental treatments and all oral health care solutions.

Sairam Dental Care
Chitwan, Nepal

Established in the year 2004, Sairam is a leading dental service provider in Chitwan, Nepal. One of the core missions of Sairam is to provide basic dental health treatment to underprivileged people living in remote areas of Nepal, especially children. Since its inception, Sairam has been conducting several events aiming to promote the oral hygiene of people living in Southern Nepal. So far we have reached out to an estimated 20,000 poor and deprived people from various communities. Free dental treatments and oral hygiene kits that we provide to the patients at our social events has had a positive impact on the dental health of these communities.

White Clinic
Lisbon, Portugal

At White you can discover a new way to experience a visit to the dentist. We have been leaders in interdisciplinary dental medicine for more than 15 years. The latest technologies combined with the best materials and a dedicated and specialized team make your visit a reason to smile.