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This task force is made up of dentistry’s global leaders. Through their professional and educational efforts they have achieved prominence amongst their peers and their opinions and contributions shape the dental profession. As Humble Smile Ambassadors, they leverage their world-wide recognition to advance the cause of environmentally and socially responsible tooth brushing.

Christian Coachman
Madrid, Spain

In addition to private dental practice in Sao Paulo, Christian founded Digital Smile Design, and spends most of his time sharing his innovative concepts in smile design, esthetic dentistry, and oral rehabilitation, with dentists all around the world.

Robert Dyas
Sheffield, UK

Robert has been lecturing, training and organizing courses in all aspects of oral surgery and implantology, for many universities and for many years. He has published research in international medical journals, is the clinical director of the UK’s largest online dental learning CPD, and has a private practice limited to Oral Surgery and Implantology. Rob is a passionate philanthropist, cyclist and musician.

Joe Bhat
London, UK

Joe is a registered specialist in both Prosthodontics and Oral Surgery and limits his practice to Implant and Restorative Dentistry.  His clinical time is spent as a private referral practitioner at the Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre.  He is currently a Fellow of the International Team for Implantology (ITI) and Examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh for the Diploma in Implant Dentistry.

James Hamill
Northern Ireland

James works in private dental implant practice in Ireland and fell in love with the Humble Smile Foundation and the Humble Brush in 2015. He is a director in Quintess Denta, the UK and Ireland Humble Brush distributor as well as Step Education, a company providing CPD to dentists.

Miguel Stanley
Lisbon, Portugal

Dr Miguel Stanley, dentist to the stars, has at the heart of his personal and medical philosophy, positive dentistry. He is founder, owner and CEO of White Clinic in Lisbon Portugal where he has patients from all walks of life.

Mark Sebastian
Munich, Germany

A private dentist located in the heart of Munich, Mark Sebastian is always traveling around the world lecturing and looking for new innovations in esthetic dentistry and implantology to share with his ambitious colleagues.

Fadi Yassmin
Sydney, Australia

Dentistry is his first love and therefore according to Fadi “it comes with immense joy, fulfillment and sometimes tears”. When Fadi came across the Humble project, “it was like I choked on the handle …I wondered what the planet was doing?”

Chris barrow
Manchester, UK

Chris has been a Business Coach, Speaker, Writer and Networker in dentistry since 1993.

Houda Barbery
Laren, The Netherlands

Dr. Barbery is specialized in Prosthodontics and Facial Aesthetics, and is currently studying for a postgraduate masters degree in Aesthetic Medicine at the Queen Mary University of London. Besides running the Barbery clinic, where she uses innovative techniques to bring out the best version of the face and teeth in the most natural way, Houda participates every year in volunteer projects to help children in need.

Moody Alexander
Arlington, USA

Moody continues the Alexander family tradition of innovation in orthodontics and sharing the Alexander system with patients as well as orthodontic students and professionals from around the world. He has incorporated his love for serving and giving back into the lifeblood of the practice, specifically through supporting EthiopiaSmile, a ministry that serves the dental needs of people without access to care in Ethiopia.

Peggy Bown

Saint John, Canada

Dr. Peggy  Bown received her DDS degree from Dalhousie University at Halifax, Canada in 2001. She is a Premier Provider of Invisalign, presiding over the Toronto Study Club. She recently became Canada’s first Master in Digital Smile Design, is a board member of the American Academy of Clear Aligners, and  in 2014 received a Fellowship in Neuromuscular Dentistry from LVI Global. Peggy lectures on Comprehensive  Estethics, DSD, and Digital Workflow.