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Mariwan Jabar Yawar

Mariwan is founder and secretary general of the Kurdistan Dental Health Organization – the first and only dental NGO in Iraq. He has run charitable public dental health programs in Kurdistan, focusing on children and refugees. Mariwan is currently director of Qalacholan General Hospital where he also works as a dentist.

Anum Ali
Philadelphia, USA

Anum’s passion for dentistry started early in her academic career as she gained admission to Temple University’s Accelerated 7‐year program with Kornberg School of Dentistry. Anum believes “a smile is one of the most important gestures shared all across the world, as everyone smiles in the same language! “

Raluca Gheorghe
Busingen, Germany

Raluca is a wonderful example of a worldly, caring young dentist. Practicing private dentistry in Germany, she is also a doctoral student at Basel University in Switzerland and regularly volunteers on dental outreach projects in Haiti and Dominican Republic.

Magdalena Wilczak
Poznan, Poland

Magdalena has been involved in association work since the beginning of her studies, first in the Polish Association of Dental Students, and later in the International Association of Dental Students. In 2015 she was elected President of Young Dentists Worldwide whose work bridges the gap between IADS and World Dental Federation (FDI). Magdalena works at the Poznan University of Medical Sciences in the Clinic of Conservative Dentistry and Periodontology where she teaches and does her PhD in Periodontology. She strongly believes that as young dental professionals and members of Young Dentists Worldwide “we should become the voice of our generation and be the change we want to see in the world”.