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Brushing at school, Nepal

Chitwan, Nepal, 2015/6

Dear Sir, Namaste

This morning, I visited school at 9:30 AM. I took a rest just inside the school as a visitor first and observed the school activities. How wonderful! Students were brushing teeth very nicely without external motivation while I just entered the school. More or less they did tooth brushes before pray time. I was really inspired from their good habit. I didn’t do such kind of practices during my child life. Hope that they will have good health (teeth) and able to share their technique to parents, how important!

I shared my heartly thanks to the school family for kind job and were discuss about the way of improvement of this programme. But, they have limited discipline activities, they were spitting anywhere and bit poor on hand washing technique because of aging, poor family background and environment. So they have needed more tooth brushing and hand washing technique.

I did check up teeth of them by randomly and seen clean teeth. There are 240 students and more than 140 are girls. Children are coming to school from surrounding and belong in DALIT (marginalized family). Parents are workers /labor and they can’t read and write (illiterate). According to school some children need to back home for Launch (Morning foods) because food is not ready within 10. Thus the age of children up to 15 in class 5.

We are going to share more tooth paste and brushes to them soon. The efficiency of brushes is not proper. So has needed to change soon. There is needed to set up a Tank for water reservoir. Water system is very good but not enough for full days.

They are demanded to a new Gate and maintenance wall to preserve the school harmony. They might be a wonderful and inspiration, who has visited school and see such practices directly. That practice is really graceful.

Mr Shankar Silwal, Health assistant from CHC