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In 2010, the World Health Organization published a report on ‘Equity, Social Determinants and Public Health Programmes’, whereby oral health was included for the first time in WHO history in the list of 12 critical public health conditions. The four main criteria in identifying these priority public health conditions (which also included alcohol, health and nutrition of children, food safety, tobacco use) were the following:

They represent a large aggregate burden of disease.

They display large disparities across and within populations.

They disproportionately affect certain populations or groups within populations.

They are emerging or epidemic prone.

Humble Smile Foundation is dedicated to actively addressing global oral health inequities, while also touching on some of WHO’s other critical public health conditions that include: alcohol, food safety, tobacco use, health and nutrition of children. To this aim, we follow the guidelines of the most acknowledged professional and scientific beacons: FDI World Dental Federation, International Association of Dental Research; WHO, and; international professional societies. Following are a sample of such publications:

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